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DOCK190 Billboard Application Note

Users may notice the Billboard message shown below when using the DOCK190 with the ACC1104 on a W10 host PC.  It is for information purposes only and can be ignored. The message occurs even though the DOCK190 is enumerated on the USB 3.0 Host Controller.  It occurs for only a few seconds and cannot be suppressed by the host BIOS or W10 settings.  It does not occur when docking via […]

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Ignore Type-C DOCK 65W PD Adapter Warning

Some PC may pop-up a warning when using certain power adapters.  For instance, a Dell PC capable of a USB Type-C PD Contract of 20VDC @ 3A (60W) may warn that it requires a 65W PD contract.  This warning can be ignored and the 60W contract will be established with a Targus dock supplying it.  To disable this warning, be sure the “Enable Adapter Warnings” check box is empty in […]

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The DOCK Power Button Can Wake A MacBook or PC

The power button on the USB Type-C Targus docks DOCK410, DOCK180, DOCK190, and DOCK171/77 (with ACA44) will enable powering the electronics and ports of the dock.  In addition, the dock power button can also be used to wake a MacBook or host PC, if supported by and enabled in the host PC BIOS as shown for a Dell and an HP in the following pictures. Similarly, but without a button, […]

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Targus Docking Stations Enterprise Features

Occasionally Thee DocKtor is asked, “Does the Targus dock support PXE Boot? or “What docks support WOL?”  Enterprise features like those shown below are often important for deployment and in some platform update and maintenance topologies.   Assuming these features are also supported by the host platform, the following table shows a summarizes the most popular features by Targus dock models.  See the descriptions below for the more Advanced Ethernet port […]

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DOCK190 Supply Power Delivery Application Note

Since the Targus DOCK190 has two different ways to supply power to the upstream host computer and can supply power and charging to downstream USB devices on both Type-A and Type-C ports, Thee DocKtor thought he’d try to clarify how these power operation capabilities can be used. USB Type-C Power Delivery Mode The USB Type-C PD operation can be confusing as it varies depending on the power sink capabilities of […]

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Targus Docks for Samsung Devices Matrix

Not very often is Thee DocKtor able to make a matrix Targus docking stations to host platforms.  After all, many of Targus Docking Stations are Universal and as such work well, universally!  However, at times, and really depending on the application(s) we can make specific recommendations. Click on the picture below to view Thee DocKtor’s recommendations for Samsung Phone, Tablets, Chromebooks, and PCs.

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Targus DOCK412 DP Alt. Mode Travel Dock with PD Pass-Through

Targus has released the DOCK412 USB Type-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode Travel Dock with Power Delivery Pass-Through.  The DOCK412 It has been validated on various Windows 7 and 10, macOS-X, Ubuntu 16 & 17, ChromeOS, and Android platforms but it requires either a Thunderbolt or DisplayPort Alternate Mode connection to the host and will not work with a USB Type-C 3.1 connection. The DOCK412 can be powered via its 10-inch pigtail […]

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Display Scaling in Windows 10 and Windows 7 AERO

Thee DocKtor has noticed inconsistencies of scaling, orientation, attachment, etc. that vary with graphics adaptor driver versions, Windows versions, and various monitor’s manufacturers, resolutions, and sizes.  Some users describe “fuzzy” graphics others just “lag” in dragging windows. These issues have manifested when using multiple monitors whether through a USB DisplayLink, DisplayPort Alternate Mode dock, or Thunderbolt dock, dongle, or directly attached to the local graphics adaptor. A great article on display monitor […]

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Targus Universal Docking Station Utilities Cross Reference

While not every combination is validated, the following table shows which Targus Universal Docking Station (UDS) Utilities are designed to work with the corresponding Targus UDS models (click to enlarge): For more about the Targus UDS Utilities click on their titles below or see the corresponding Targus UDS product page at . WiFi AutoSwitch MAC Address Clone Display Configuration Ghost Device Removal

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