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PT-H2 Power Tip Replacement Program

Targus has determined that certain ACP71USZ-66 and ACP77USZ-66 shipped in March and April may have issues with the H2 power tips installed. The issue with the tips affect the functionality where it will not provide power or charging to the HP PC host.  If you determine that you have affected H2 power tips, please contact your Targus representative for free replacement tips.

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Optimizing Your Targus DOCK410 Experience

As previously reported, not all USB Type-C (aka USB-C) ports are the same. While Type-C enables video, data, and power over a single connection it doesn’t mean all the capabilities have been implemented on the host or device.  And even if the receptacle is marked, various hosts and devices are not always compatible. The good news is that of all the USB Type-C docking stations that we’ve evaluated, the Targus […]

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Targus Universal USB 3.0 Dual Cinema 4K2K 60Hz 24 bpp DOCK160USZ Release

On December 8, Targus® and DisplayLink® announced the upcoming release of the DisplayLink DL-6950 based DOCK160USZ. See the announcement here and the DOCK160USZ product page here.  The DOCK160USZ functions very similarly to other Targus USB 3.0-based docks, but the performance is much higher on Mac OS-X and Windows PC than any other USB 3.0 dock on the market. Given the host’s graphics can support it, it is possible to get […]

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Windows® and Intel® Graphics Don’t Always Agree

In determining the capabilities of a USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 host, we’ve noted that the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel and Windows Advanced display settings do not always agree; see above where the numbering is different. Also, if an external monitor’s orientation was modified in the Intel panel, the monitor’s orientation will change after clicking on the Apply button. Similarly, if changing the layout orientation, the monitor’s resolution will change […]

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Targus Display Configuration Utility v.1.03.029 Released

Windows does not always identify external monitors the same way every time you dock and the numbers shown on the monitors are often different to the actual layout. This is especially apparent when moving from one Universal Docking Stations (UDS) to another, however is not due to docking.  It may even happen when using multiple monitors on local PC ports, even if the monitors are from the same manufacturer, and even if they are […]

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Use Your Android Phone From Your PC

Thee DocKtor often has to text his teenage sons (they don’t answer phone calls).  And because his PC doesn’t have all the applications his phone has, including a way to send SMS, he has been looking for a way to run his phone (with his PC) that can be plugged into a USB port on a Targus Universal Docking Station (UDS).  Ideally, the external keyboard and mouse can be used while the […]

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How to “mount” your tablet/2in1/PC/MacBook/Android device while cable docked.

With the advent of cable (USB or Thunderbolt) docking, users are wondering how to mechanically keep their local monitor screen available and oriented in a productive way.  Not all tablets have a “kick stand” an some devices are better left open as The DocKtor recommends. To assist with this, Targus has come up with the adjustable ACX002UZ Desk Stand. Thee DocKtor has tested in with Macbooks, PC, Linux PC, and Android […]

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Powering the Surface 3 from a Targus UDS

It is possible to power the Surface 3 (not to be confused with the Surface Pro 3) using a Targus Universal Docking Station BC1.2 USB port (the one with the lightning bolt).  To do this, unplug the USB type B cable from the PSU (wall socket) end and plug this into the Targus UDS USB port with the lightning bolt over it.  This will power and charge the Surface 3. To really […]

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