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Targus’ A, B, C of USB

    As Thee DocKtor reported before, any Targus USB docking station can be used to dock to a Windows®, Mac OS X®, Chromebook®, or Linux PC with a USB Type-C cable/adapter. Keep in mind, it won’t power the host, see Note, USB Type-C can carry many things (see but it must always include USB3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1) and this is where the adapter works. While Thee DocKtor seen […]

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No option to duplicate monitors on Windows® 10 Anniversary Update


If you don’t see an option to duplicate a display to the externally connected DisplayLink® display, this may be due to the graphic driver for your primary graphics card being out of date. Please make sure to update the driver from the Intel®, AMD, or NVIDIA website, as the latest version may not be available from your computer manufacturer. The ability for a graphics card to duplicate its display to […]

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Targus Validates DisplayLink v.8.0M2 Windows Software for Targus Universal Docking Stations

The DocKtor is recommending the latest release version 8.0M2 (including Targus Universal Docking Station device drivers) for all DisplayLink-based Targus Universal Docking Stations on all version of Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 through Redstone build 14915. The software will be available from the and Windows Update for all Targus Universal Docking Stations.  Enterprise customers with a current NDA may also download the corporate version or contact Targus for the […]

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USB Type-C™ Receptacle Markings

Type-C Receptacle Markings

Wondering what your USB Type-C receptacle means?  You are not alone. Many manufacturers of USB Type-C enabled products, including PCs, are confused too.  Often their device specifications aren’t clear…and many devices aren’t marked. The short read “USB Type-C Cable and Connector Language Usage Guidelines from USB-IF” offers some clues here. Thee DocKtor was able to find the following graphic that proposes a way to mark USB Type-C receptacles, albeit in […]

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DisplayLink Releases v.8.0M1 for Windows

DisplayLink announced v8.0M1 is now available and delivers the following improvements: – Windows 10 Redstone support (tested on build up to 14393) – DL-6xxx support – DDC/CI command pass-through support for DL-3xxx devices – Installer usability improvements The new software is reported as DisplayLink Core Software version 8.0.644.0 in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 at Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features. And the individual devices show in the Device Manager […]

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Targus ACA41 ACP71/77 to USB Type-C Multiplexer

ACA41 Picture

Targus has released ACA41 adaptor (a tip of sorts) for using the Targus ACP71 and ACP77 Universal Docking Stations with a USB Type-C Host for only $59.99 SRP. The ACA41 multiplexes (combines) the USB Type A Cable that usually goes into the host and the DC power from the ACP71/77 into a single USB Type C connection to the host.  A blue power LED light up to show power is […]

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I Want My MTV, er USB…Ethernet on Android!

The reason Targus Universal Docking Stations (UDS) don’t have Android Ethernet support at this time, is down to the OS. Ethernet needs to be enabled in the OS. DisplayLink has a bug open with Google on it here:  Other USB to Ethernet (i.e. dongles) work because they come up as an “eth0” device. Targus UDS come up as a “usb0” device, so Android doesn’t think it is an Ethernet […]

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DisplayLink Won’t Install On Windows 10 32-Bit Intel

Apparently, not all Intel Graphics 32-bit drivers are available for Windows 10, see .  As such, the DisplayLink software installation will fail. Updating to more recent Intel graphics drivers on a current Windows 7 PC could solve the installation issue and enable the Targus UDS to function.

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