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Targus Validates R.3.0 for Mac OS X

Targus posted the latest release for MacBook OS X at  Release 3.0 is for bug fixes and work arounds in OS X as far back as version 10.10.

The upgrade is silent, therefore screens connected to Targus UDS may require a few seconds to appear for the first time.

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Know issues and limitations:

  • Not all display modes are available for rotated DisplayLink screens.
  • Retina resolutions on DisplayLink screens may result in reduced performance. For higher performance use the screen at its native resolution.
  • Screen corruption while mirroring multiple DisplayLink screens.
  • Some color calibration applications may not be able to affect DisplayLink screens.
  • Some options in the Accessibility system preference have no effect on DisplayLink screens.
  • Clamshell mode (built-in screen off while the lid is closed) requires a monitor to be connected to the Mac’s built-in video output even if other DisplayLink screens are available.
  • DisplayLink screens are not available at the first login screen when FileVault is enabled.
  • Protected content from iTunes and other players is not visible on built-in graphics when DisplayLink screens are connected.
  • The list of available resolutions and the default resolution for 4K displays depends on the type of connection (HDMI or DisplayPort). To see a more complete list of resolutions follow these steps:
  • Open the Displays preference in System Preferences
  • Go to the preferences panel for the DisplayLink screen
  • While keeping the option (alt) key pressed, select the “Scaled” option for the list of resolutions.
  • The internal screen is kept active while in clamshell mode on OS X systems with a single HD3000 graphics card.
  • No 3D (OpenGL) acceleration – some features of macOS applications that require hardware OpenGL acceleration, such as Keynote presentations or certain screen savers, will have limited functionality.

The full release notes are shown here.

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