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 USB Type-C cable


As Thee DocKtor reported before, any Targus USB docking station can be used to dock to a Windows®, Mac OS X®, Chromebook®, or Linux PC with a USB Type-C cable/adapter. Keep in mind, it won’t power the host, see

Note, USB Type-C can carry many things (see but it must always include USB3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1) and this is where the adapter works. While Thee DocKtor seen any USB Type-C platforms running Windows 7 (W7), it should work if there is a USB Host Controller driver in the W7 build for that particular PC. That is, if the host’s (Mac or PC) USB port works, then the USB dock will.

To use the additional capabilities of USB Type-C Power Delivery 2.0, Thee DocKtor recommends the Targus ACP71USZ (Universal USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Station with Power) or ACP77USZ (Universal USB 3.0 DV2K Docking Station with Power) with the USB-C Multiplexer Adapter (ACA41USZ), see This will both dock data and supply power to PC, MacBook, Chromebook, and Linux PC (and someday Android, when its hosts have compatible USB Type-C).

If all hosts going forward have USB Type-C, and there is no need for USB Type-A/B support for, say, legacy hosts, the upcoming Targus DOCK410USZ is a native USB Type-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode (DP ALT-Mode) Power Delivery 2.0 Profile 4 universal dock. DP ALT-Mode is also compatible with Thunderbolt 3 ALT-Mode with the only caveat being that the host must support Multi-Stream Transport (MST). So, if you want more than one rendering on two external displays, see

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9 replies

  1. This is SOOO CLOSE to the perfect dock.. but WHYYY is the USB-C output not TB3?


  2. Here’s a blog article that discusses some of the challenges facing TB3.


  3. Anyone know why the Targus USB-C Multiplexer Adapters don’t consistently work with the Targus dock ACP71 and usb-c laptops (windows 10 OS)? The dock works without the adapter (excluding charge of course) but is inconsistent, it at all working, with the USB-C Mutliplexer Adapters referenced in this article.


    • Hello Patrick, It could be the host device, or the multiplexer. Can you let us know what PC, MacBook, other you are using? We are assuming that any updates to these hosts are completed per the associated manufacturer.



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