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Be Sure to Connect USB3.0 to Targus UDS

While in many applications a Targus UDS will function properly connected to a USB2.0 port, Targus UDS will perform better connected to a USB3.0 port enumerated at USB3.0 speed.

However, USB3.0 ports can also enumerate USB2.0 devices and speed.  And if a PC USB3.0 Host Controller driver is out-of-date it may not enumerate a USB3.0 device at USB3.0 speeds.

So, how does one determine if their USB3.0 device, in example a Targus UDS, is connected at USB3.0 speed?

This can be done in the Control Panel\Device Manager by selecting view Device by connection in the View menu.  The Targus UDS should show in the hierarchy under a USB Super Speed or Hub as shown below.

View by Device Connection

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