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USB Type-C™ Power Delivery 2.0 Profiles

USB Type-C cable

The following are the profiles called out for USB Power Delivery over USB Type-C™.  The full specification is here and a short overview here.

Profile 0             Reserved

Profile 1             5Vdc @ 2A = 10W (Default Start-Up Profile)

Profile 2             5Vdc @ 2A, 12Vdc @ 1.5A = 18W

Profile 3             5Vdc @ 2A, 12Vdc @ 3A = 36W

Profile 4             5Vdc @ 2A, 12Vdc, 20Vdc @ 3A = 60W (limit of Micro-B/AB)

Profile 5             5Vdc @ 2A, 12Vdc, 20Vdc @ 5A = 100W

Targus UDS support up to Profile 4.

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