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Use Your Android Phone From Your PC

Thee DocKtor often has to text his teenage sons (they don’t answer phone calls).  And because his PC doesn’t have all the applications his phone has, including a way to send SMS, he has been looking for a way to run his phone (with his PC) that can be plugged into a USB port on a Targus Universal Docking Station (UDS).  Ideally, the external keyboard and mouse can be used while the phone’s screen is displayed on one of the external monitors that is also connected to the UDS.  It would be perfect if Thee DocKtor can screen rotate and magnify the phone screen displayed on the monitor, drag and drop files between the PC and phone, and charge the phone at the same time from a Window on the PC.

After quite a search, just such a product was found at a competitor to Targus, J5 Create.  I say “competitor” but the J5Create docking stations based on MCT Technology do not seem to be as universal, flexible, or perform as well as the Targus UDS, but I digress.  Plugging in the J5Create JUC610 into one of the ports on the Targus UDS, then plugging in the DocKtor’s Samsung S5 into it enabled all the functionality described above.

S5 on PC

Now Thee DocKtor can text his sons, deposit checks at his bank, stream music and video, and even get this, make phone calls with his S5 using his PC.

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