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A Cable Is Not A Cable Is Not A Cable

From time to time the DocKtor has purchased various USB cables and converters from the multitude of vendors at only to find that they do not always work well, some not at all.  Paying more and expecting more didn’t work either.  This is especially true for USB Micro-B cables and converters but the trend it appears is also true for the new USB Type C cables and converters.  The lack of “cable vendor scruples” is documented here.

Targus strives to provide only quality cables with its Universal Docking Stations.  You get a cable sourced from Targus, it’ll work.  The DocKtor has only a very small number out of thousands of cables go bad.

The DocKtor advises, when finding a third party cable or converter to use with the Targus UDS and say an Android phone, as the article says, “Buyer beware!”

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