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From time to time Targus will update what power tips for powering and charging PC laptops are included with the ACP71USZ, ACP77USZ, DOCK171, DOCK177, and DOCK190.  When these changes occur, the Item:# or dash number (shown on the bottom of the dock just below the model number or as a -XX) is changed.  See the table above for a list of what tips are included by ACP71/77USZ Item number or DOCK171/177/190 “-“number.  Note, the tips that begin with the number “3” as in “3H2” utilize the new 4-conductor/3-pin system.

This list is not comprehensive.  Please contact your Targus Salesperson or use the tip configurator to verify what tip is recommended for your PC.  If you don’t see it, let us know.  Other “tips” for using the tips are shown here.

For USB 3.0 and Power connectivity support using the ACP71/77 or DOCK171/177 to a USB Type-C host, please consider the Targus ACA41 or ACA44 as applicable.  See here for more information.  The DOCK190 has this capability built-in.

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