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Docking FAQs

  1. Do I have to install any software or drivers?

Yes. All Universal Docking Stations require a single driver to be installed on Windows laptops, Mac OS, or Win 8/1 tablet. This is not specific to Targus but of any Universal Docking Station.

  1. Do you need administrative rights to your PC in order to install the software & drivers?

Yes. Administrative rights are required to install the DisplayLink software.

  1. Can I deploy the software and drivers using Microsoft® SCCM?

Yes. Windows installer (MSI) files are available on the product page of the Targus website.

  1. What about iPads®?

iOS is locked. No Universal Docking Station work with iPads.

  1. Do you support Chromebooks or Android® devices?

Not currently but we’re working on a solution. None of the Universal Docking Stations in the market support this capability. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates.

  1. OEM docks provide a single snap in Connection with Power…It’s really Simple?

Targus docks optionally require only two connections (Power & USB). We also provide additional benefits such as multi-brand vendor support and a future proof solution that will work with new laptops and devices.

  1. If ‘Universal Docking’ is the better solution for my business, why should I buy from Targus?
  •  Targus has the most comprehensive range of Universal products – some even patent-protected – versus the competition. We have solutions for all customer requirements.
  • Targus is brand-agnostic. We support Lenovo®, Samsung®, HP®, Dell® and even Apple®.
  • Targus is the only vendor to offer a standard 3-Year Warranty.
  1. What about USB-C?

We will be bringing a product to market later this year.  Stay tuned to the blog for more updates.

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