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Targus Universal Docking Stations’ On-Line Resources

In addition to your favorite blog, the DocKtor provides many on-line tools on the product pages for each of Targus’ Universal Docking Stations.  The latest validated software (both .EXE and .MSI), latest DisplayLink software, helpful videos, tools like the tip-configurator, and even some support tools for troubleshooting and firmware updpates are all there.  Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Will the Targus Universal USB 3.0 SV Docking Station support my surface pro in projecting to a dual screen set up in addition to my normal table screen. I bought a Dell Dual screen set up for my home office and I normally use a rocketfish micro adapter to connect my surface to an external screen using VGA. I thought using the Targus docking station, I would be able to hook up the dual scrrens to my surface pro original. Thanks


    • Michael, if you have the Targus SV (single video-external) dock then you can connect one external VGA video to the native DVI-I port using the included adaptor. If you have either the Targus DV (dual video) dock models ACP70 or ACP71 then you can connect the VGA to the DVI-I port using the included adaptor and a 2nd monitor using either native HDMI or DVI-I with the included adaptor. For the Targus ACP77, you will need to get an adaptor to connect on of the DVI-I ports, we can send you one if you wish.


  2. I want to use the universal 3.0 dock ACP71USZ with an ultra wide screen monitor with a resolution of 2560×1080. Is this possible?


  3. this targus docking station is it suitable with Dell Latituted 10?


    • Hi Diah, I believe you are inquiring about the old Dell Latitude ST 10.1 tablet. If so, then yes, it will work but be aware that this tablet is not very powerful by today’s graphics standards and many applications will be slow. If this is not your product, please provide a service tag and I will check on it,


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