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The Only Universal USB Type-C Device

Scope While USB Type-C (USB-C) ports can enable video, data, and power over a single connection it doesn’t mean all these capabilities have been implemented on the host, device, or peripheral.  Because USB Type-C is the name of the connector, and not necessarily the protocols, modes, or capabilities of it in a port configuration, it is not always clear why two USB-C ports can be physically connected (quite easy by […]

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Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C

Thunderbolt 3 can also supply up to 100W of power on the USB Type-C connection, but doesn’t have to support power at all.  Thunderbolt 3 brings Thunderbolt to USB-C at speeds up to 40 Gbps, creating one compact port that simultaneously supports high video and data bandwidth and power on a single cable.  A Thunderbolt 3 port on a PC can support all generations of Thunderbolt (including Thunderbolt 3), all […]

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Which Dock Is Best for You?

With all the docking station choices from Targus, it’s sometimes hard to choose the right one.  Ultimately it depends on the application, what you want to do with your universal docking station based workstation, but there are a few things to consider. Please keep in mind, the host doesn’t necessarily determine the dock recommendation because all of Targus Universal Docking Stations (UDS) are just that — universal. They can be […]

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Optimizing Your Targus DOCK410 Experience

As previously reported, not all USB Type-C (aka USB-C) ports are the same. While Type-C enables video, data, and power over a single connection it doesn’t mean all the capabilities have been implemented on the host or device.  And even if the receptacle is marked, various hosts and devices are not always compatible. The good news is that of all the USB Type-C docking stations that we’ve evaluated, the Targus […]

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Network Adapters Stop Working After McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention Patch

A large credit card company was thoroughly convinced that their Targus UDS GbE port was faulty after applying Patch 6 to Intel McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (HIP) 8 and updating their Targus UDS DisplayLink software.  Afterall, they could unplug the Ethernet cable, plug it into a local port, or use the PC WiFi and all was well. However, as it turns out, the UDS was just showing the problems with […]

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Use Your Android Phone From Your PC

Thee DocKtor often has to text his teenage sons (they don’t answer phone calls).  And because his PC doesn’t have all the applications his phone has, including a way to send SMS, he has been looking for a way to run his phone (with his PC) that can be plugged into a USB port on a Targus Universal Docking Station (UDS).  Ideally, the external keyboard and mouse can be used while the […]

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Targus DOCK110 “DC 5V Input” Port

Wondering what this port is for?  The user guide to Targus DOCK110 states “USB 2.0 Micro B for optional powered mode (DC 5V @ 1.5A, sold separately)”   It is not a data port for connecting the DOCK110 to a host.  This port is for supplying additional power to the DOCK110 that in-turn can be supplied to the USB3.0 ports. The DOCK110 is powered from the USB port that it is […]

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Display Scaling in Windows

Thee DocKtor has noticed inconsistencies of scaling, orientation, attachment, etc. that vary with graphics adaptor driver versions, Windows versions, and various monitor’s manufacturers, resolutions, and sizes.  To date these have been due to multiple monitors whether through a USB3.0 DisplayLink or DisplayPort Alternate Mode dock, dongle, or directly attached to the local graphics adaptor. A great article on Display (The DocKtor prefers “Monitor”) scaling is at: If you are pretty certain that the […]

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Dock Selection Guide

The DocKtor has been asked, “With all the new choices available, how do I pick the best Universal Docking Station?” and even, “If the Targus Universal Docking Stations are Truly Universal, then why are there so many choices?” Well, “It depends on the I/O; most often the video output features and performance desired for your application(s).”  As such, feel free to contact your friendly Targus Salesperson, DocKtor, or post your questions […]

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