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Targus Universal Docking Station Utilities Cross Reference

While not every combination is validated, the following table shows which Targus Universal Docking Station (UDS) Utilities are designed to work with the corresponding Targus UDS models (click to enlarge): For more about the Targus UDS Utilities click on their titles below or see the corresponding Targus UDS product page at . WiFi AutoSwitch MAC Address Clone Display Configuration Ghost Device Removal

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DisplayLink Releases v.8.3M0 for Windows

DisplayLink announced v.8.3M0 is now available.  Using this version of the software should work, but Targus has no plans to validate this release with Targus Universal Docking Stations or Targus UDS Utilities.  This release has not been submitted for distribution on Windows Update for Targus Universal Docking Stations and Targus is not providing .MSI/.INF files for it. This software contains the following new features: – HDCP 1.x capability on DL-3xxx/DL-5xxx […]

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Product Discontinuance Notice for 2-pin ACP71USZ, ACP77USZ, and Associated Accessories

Targus introduced a new 3-pin power tip design and system here. The older, 2-pin versions of ACP71USZ and ACP77USZ, Items numbered -66 and lower are being discontinued for purchase on December 31, 2017.  Additionally, the associated 2-pin accessories ACA41 Type-C Multiplexer and ACC984 Hydra Cable Adaptor are also being discontinued in North America.  Other geographies may still offer these products.  There are existing quantities of 2-pin Item Number “-66” ACP71USZ […]

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Targus Universal Docking Station Supported Resolutions

If the host’s graphics support it, Targus Universal Docking Stations support the display monitor resolutions indicated in the following chart.  These are only a subset of the resolutions supported; called the most met resolutions, but resolutions in between these are also supported. #            Only available over DisplayPort and HDMI outputs †            Only available over DisplayPort output ¥            Only available when using a single video output, not supported in dual-head […]

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Group Policy and Corporate Installation of the DisplayLink Software for Targus UDS

These two articles may come in handy for those building corporate images and/or deploying the DisplayLink software for Windows: MSI – INF – The associated versions validated by Targus are on the dock product pages under “Support”

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Targus Ghost Device Removal Utilitiy v. for Windows Released

Targus Ghost Device Removal Utility version for Windows was released last week for use with all Targus DisplayLink based Universal Docking Stations models: ACP71, ACP77, DOCK110, DOCK120, DOCK130, DOCK150, DOCK160, DOCK171, DOCK177, DOCK180, and DOCK410. Targus Ghost Device Removal (GDR) utility is a Windows service that is started automatically during Windows startup and runs continuously in the background. This service is installed for all users of the PC and runs using […]

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Targus WiFi AutoSwitch v.2.00.008 for Windows Released

Targus released version 2.00.008 of its popular WiFi AutoSwitch utility for use with Windows hosts and Targus Universal Docking Stations models: ACP70, ACP71, ACP77, DOCK110, DOCK120, DOCK130, DOCK150, DOCK160, DOCK171, DOCK177, DOCK180, and DOCK410. Many PC OEM provide such a utility as part of their “bloatware” however it is usually deleted by IT (not part of the company PC image). The utility turns off the WiFi when the Targus Universal Dock’s […]

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