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Breaking Down USB Type-C Confusion

In the following recordings, Thee DocKtor shares his thoughts about USB Type-C in an attempt to provide Type-Clarity to the Type-Confusion. 

Webinar #1 (Non-Technical):

Breaking Down USB Type-C Confusion

Webinar #2 (Technical):

USB Type-C Master Class: Providing Type-C Clarity for IT Professionals

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2 replies

  1. Great webinar! I noticed nobody asked why USB-C and/or TB3 hubs/switches don’t exist (like the old USB-A multi-port hubs)? I understand the bandwidth/power penalties, and that the technology is “meant to be daisy-chained”, and of course that any lanes used for alt-modes would not be available to the other ports.. but is there any technical reason why a true USB-C/TB3 “hub/switch” can’t exist? Is it purely lack of demand? Are we waiting for the technology to mature?


    • Thanks Hunter Daves-Garrett. I suspect the only thing keeping Targus or any other vendor from coming out with USB Type-C Gen 1 Hubs is the need. That is, there are not allot of downstream USB Type-C devices i.e. mice, kb, dongles are still mostly Type-A. For USB 3.1 Gen 2 the underlying silicon is really just emerging. For Thunderbolt and USB 3.2 I am not aware of any Silicon in development. I can see a need for Type-C switching of all the various protocols but would imagine that would be a very careful design addressing too many implications list here 🙂 Get in contact with me if would like to discuss.


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