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Thee DocKtor is often asked, “Which docking station is best for (or compatible with) a specific vendor/model PC?”

This question had more merit when yesterday’s “port replicators” were often specific to a host, or a few models of host PCs they were designed for.  However, nowadays “docking stations” are often universal, or at least can be used with several models of a particular vendor’s PC.  Targus’ Universal Docking Stations can even be used across platforms (ChromeOS, MacBook, Android, Linux, and Windows).

Because Targus has a comprehensive docking station line-up, chances are there is a docking station best for the application(s) of the host-based workstation.

Thee DocKtor often asks questions about the application(s) before recommending a docking station.  This is especially true with Type-C as there are now universal, Thunderbolt, and other Alternate Mode docking station solutions from several vendors, and not all of them compatible with the target host device(s).  Type-Confusion is currently rampant.

Thee DocKtor is flipping the question of “Which docking station?”  from the traditional host connection approach to an applications approach as shown by clicking on the following:

For those of you used to the host connection approach, click on this version:

Need further help selecting a docking station, let us know.

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