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DisplayLink Releases v.8.5M0 for Windows

DisplayLink announced v.8.5M0is now available.  Using this version of the software should work, but Targus has not validated this release with all Targus Universal Docking Stations or Targus UDS Utilities.  This release has not been submitted for distribution on Windows Update for Targus Universal Docking Stations and Targus is not providing .MSI/.INF files for it.  Targus is not planning validation of this release.

New Features

  • DisplayLink DL-6950 video playback improvements
  • Gigabit Ethernet speed improvements on lower end platforms
  • Alternate encoding developer preview (details on 8.5 beta forum)
  • Other performance and reliability improvements

Issues Fixed

  • Screen doesn’t get updated on Windows 7 when switching from Aero accelerated to Basic mode (27054)
  • Black screen on DisplayPort with HP LP2475w monitor on DL-6950 (27203)
  • Some 4Kp60 modes wrongly filtered out as Unsupported on DL-6950 HDMI (27334)
  • Corporate msi package for RS/IDD shouldn’t have RS1 in their file name (25499)
  • Harsh sounds/clicks on the headset during resuming from hibernation (26694)

Known Issues and Limitations

  • When upgrading from R8.1, disconnecting and re-plugging the USB of the product using DisplayLink technology is necessary (25057, 25075)..
  • Windows 7 requires Microsoft KB3033929 or later installed to validate SHA-256 driver signature hashing. SHA1 has been deprecated (23965)
  • Devices with mass storage or auto-install are not supported by Windows 10 Anniversary Update UMDF USB driver DisplayLink uses (21959)
  • Windows 10 Anniversary Update sets the wrong preferred mode 9124025 (23871)

A list of all updates in 8.5M0 is follows. More information can be found in the release notes.

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