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Pi Day Is Windows Update for USB Day

If you have noticed some USB devices and onboard devices stop working, be sure to install KB4090913.

Note, Windows Update may sometimes temporarily halt the functionality of Targus docking stations, particularly USB SuperSpeed docking stations, until updates are completely installed and after a complete restart.

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  1. Can I ask your opinion/ideas? I need a Profile 5 usb-c extension cable [Profile 5 usb-c = 5V,2A/12V,5A/20V,5A, max 100W].

    I only care for Power Supply reliability (to Wacom MobileStudio Pro) as its charging cable is Profile 5 usb-c 100W extension — data speed isn’t important, just using it for power. The cable it comes with is attached to the power brick, but is a bit short. I need to extend it, and still supply the 100W Profile 5.

    Possibly I could adapt a regular Profile 5 usb-c cable, instead of using an Extension cable.. but then the question is, will the Adapter be Profile 5 as well? Please help.

    Thank you for any ideas!


    • Scifyer, Thee DocKtor does not recommend using any USB Type-C cable that isn’t included with the PSU and certainly doesn’t recommend trying to extend USB Type-C power. There is a very good reason that the pigtail attached to the power brick you describe is short. I suggest consulting with them. May I ask, what is it that you have requiring 100WDC USB Type-C Profile 5?


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