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Targus Validates DisplayLink R4.1 for macOS

Targus has posted the latest release 4.1 for macOS X under Support on the dock product pages at  Release 4.1 is for bug fixes and work arounds in macOS X as far back as version 10.11 including:

  • Low Ethernet performance on DL-6xxx device when external screen is set to resolutions below 1080p.
  • On some DL-6xxx the Ethernet activity LED 0 stays blank.
  • Headset may have a pop noise on DL-6950 based docking stations (DOCK160, DOCK180, & DOCK177)

The upgrade is silent, therefore screens connected to Targus UDS may require a few seconds to appear for the first time.

Targus has noticed that Apple appears to be addressing some of the issues in macOS X that prevent USB monitor displays from functioning as expected.  However there still are some known issues and limitations.  The following are examples from the full release notes shown here.

  • Clamshell mode (built-in screen off while the lid is closed) requires a monitor to be connected to the Mac’s built-in video output even if other DisplayLink screens are available.
  • DisplayLink screens are not available at the first login screen when FileVault is enabled.
  • Protected content from iTunes and other players is not visible on built-in graphics when DisplayLink screens are connected.
  • The list of available resolutions and the default resolution for 4K displays depends on the type of connection (HDMI or DisplayPort). To see a more complete list of resolutions follow these steps:
    • Open the Displays preference in System Preferences
    • Go to the preferences panel for the DisplayLink screen
    • While keeping the option (alt) key pressed, select the “Scaled” option for the list of resolutions.
  • The internal screen is kept active while in clamshell mode on OSX systems with a single HD3000 graphics card.
  • No 3D (OpenGL) acceleration – some features of macOS applications that require hardware OpenGL acceleration, such as Keynote presentations or certain screen savers, will have limited functionality.
  • Applications that require Quartz\OpenGL\hardware acceleration support will likely exhibit problems. Some problems can be avoided by making sure the DisplayLink display monitor is not set to be the main display (the display with the menu bar).

An updated list of troubleshooting suggestions is available here.

Most of the issues can be resolved by re-plugging the Targus dock which exhibits the problem.  At times, recovery may require rebooting the MacBook.

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