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Time To Change Your Oil !?

Thee DocKtor was dialoging with, almost admonishing, Mrs. DocKtor this weekend about the importance of proper maintenance for her car when it occurred to him how often he sees PCs that are not being maintained.  Just like a car needs the occasionally oil change, a PC needs updates.

With the release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, various firmware and software changes to support hardware changes of the various Type-C implementations, and their associated graphic capabilities, and even some BIOS updates for the same, Thee DocKtor is reminding dock users to update their PC(s) assuming you have Administrator rights to do so:

  1. If approved by your IT department, browse to where the “OEM” is the brand name on the PC (i.e. .  Download and install updated drivers, software, firmware, and even BIOS as recommended by the OEM.   You may need your service tag or at least your model name.  The model name can be found by running the System Information desktop application in Windows (you can also note your BIOS version here).  For the current driver and software versions you will have to refer to the Control Panel.  Also, many OEM include a utility for updating the system but most enterprises do not include this on the corporate image so again, do this only with permission of your IT department.  Don’t forget to reboot as recommended by the various updates.
  2. Run Windows Update (assuming you have permission and administrator rights to you PC).  Update your PC and reboot.
  3. As applicable update any software associated with peripherals and devices, i.e. Targus Docking Stations (see in example).  Reboot.
  4. Clean and optimize storage devices.  Thee DocKtor has seen PC where the user never emptied the trash can.  This PC ran incredibly slow and the user thought Thee DocKtor was a wizard after the improvements form just emptying the trash.
  5. Check for any programs not being used and delete or disable them.  Run your updated antivirus software(s) and do as they recommend.  Check for Malware and quarantine and remove as necessary.

The above will often increase performance if not stabilize functionality of your PC.

PS  Much of the above applies to other platforms including macOS and phones.


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