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Product Discontinuance Notice for 2-pin ACP71USZ, ACP77USZ, and Associated Accessories

Targus introduced a new 3-pin power tip design and system here.

The older, 2-pin versions of ACP71USZ and ACP77USZ, Items numbered -66 and lower are being discontinued for purchase on December 31, 2017.  Additionally, the associated 2-pin accessories ACA41 Type-C Multiplexer and ACC984 Hydra Cable Adaptor are also being discontinued in North America.  Other geographies may still offer these products. 

There are existing quantities of 2-pin Item Number “-66” ACP71USZ and ACP77USZ, and the ACA41, and ACC984 available for purchase while supplies last or until the December 31, 2017, whichever comes first.  Please check with your Targus Sales Representative. 

All Targus docking stations, including -66 and lower versions, will continued to be supported and warrantied by Targus’ industry-leading 3-year warranty, however replacement of 2-pin ACP71, ACP77, ACA41, and ACC984 will be made using the newer 3-pin Item Number-80 and higher versions.

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