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Targus WiFi AutoSwitch v.2.00.008 for Windows Released

Targus released version 2.00.008 of its popular WiFi AutoSwitch utility for use with Windows hosts and Targus Universal Docking Stations models:

ACP70, ACP71, ACP77, DOCK110, DOCK120, DOCK130, DOCK150, DOCK160, DOCK171, DOCK177, DOCK180, and DOCK410.

Many PC OEM provide such a utility as part of their “bloatware” however it is usually deleted by IT (not part of the company PC image).

The utility turns off the WiFi when the Targus Universal Dock’s Ethernet connection is being used, thus saving power.  When the dock is disconnected, it turns the WiFi network adapter back on.  In addition to saving power, this is great for saving IP addresses (and bandwidth) on the corporate LAN, albeit wireless or wired.  Also, Targus’ GbE port typically runs at up to 920Mbps or about 10 times faster than most WiFi.  This also improves security by offering less ports for hackers to enter into the corporate LAN.

Current deployments of the Targus WiFi AutoSwitch Utility can be updated using the associated tray icon, if enabled.  The utility is also deployable with various options via Group Policy tools .  Details are shown in the updated software and associated Installation and User Guide that is available for download from the associated dock product page, under “Support”.


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