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Targus Display Configuration Utility v.2.01.033 Released for Windows

Targus Display Configuration Utility version 2.01.033 for Windows was released last week for use with all Targus DisplayLink based Universal Docking Stations models:

ACP71, ACP77, DOCK110, DOCK120, DOCK130, DOCK150, DOCK160, DOCK171, DOCK177, and DOCK180.

The biggest advantage to using Targus Monitors is controlling the user experience for desktop icons.  No longer does the windows trash can and other icons move about when docking and undocking.  Users no longer have to reconfigure where application windows appear on their larger desktop; they automatically go back to the monitors they were last assigned to when docking.

Targus Display Configuration Utility enables:

  • Automatic configuration of docked single and dual external monitors by applying a preconfigured display configuration set at the time of installation or deployment. In addition, the program will maintain the personalized built-in display resolution, and built-in display DPI settings, when applying the new automatic configuration
  • Icon Management (undocked) by capturing the desktop icon positions and restoring icon to their correct positions after disconnecting from the Targus dock
  • Icon management (docked) by capturing the user set icon layout and using as a default layout for newly connected monitors
  • Management of application window position by capturing window positions while docked and restoring the window positions, for open application windows, when undocking and re-docking (e.g. returning after a meeting)

Current deployments of the Targus Display Configuration Utility can be updated using the associated tray icon, if enabled.  The utility is also deployable with various options via Group Policy tools .  Details are shown in the updated software and associated Installation and User Guide that is available for download from the associated dock product page, under “Support”.

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