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It’s Time To Reboot Windows!

With most major updates to the OS it is often necessary to reboot for full dock and PC functionality.  This is apparent with the Creators Update for Windows 10.  Please be sure to reboot your PC when installing the update.

We have noticed that on some PC, it is necessary to re-connect the external monitors, either mirrored or extended, after the update and reboot.

The DocKtor has been running Windows 10 updates via the Fast Ring and is working with Microsoft for any anomalies experienced in regards to Targus UDS.  However, it is not possible to validate all combinations of Windows platforms with the Creators Update.  If you experience any issues after installing the Creators Update, and rebooting, please let Thee DocKtor know.

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  1. I have an older ACP51 USB 2.0 Targus dock that has surprisingly been working with Windows 10 until this latest update and now I have static for sound. Any ideas on software to update or do I need to finally buy a new dock?


    • Hi Jennifer, Its probably one of two things a) the audio driver with the W10 update is in need of repair/replace or b) the DisplayLink software updated with W10 and is incompatible. Its beyond the scope of this blog to diagnose but I can recommend trying a few things. Seek out the latest Audio driver on the PC manufacturer’s support site i.e. . Try older Audio drivers, from the same site, if they exist. Try older DisplayLink software from


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