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Minimum Targus UDS Software Versions

While The DocKtor always recommends having the latest validated version of Targus Universal Docking Stations’ (UDS) software, he does understand that many company’s IT departments are hesitant to update, validate, and regression test newer versions, especially if the company is not using newer Targus UDS.

However, for getting the maximum performance and features out of newer models of Targus Dual Video UDS, there are minimum versions of the UDS software needed in Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu:


DOCK                  Windows            OS X      Ubuntu


ACP70                 v.7.4M0              r.2.6      v.1.1.62

ACP71                 v.7.4M0              r.2.6      v.1.1.62


ACP77                 v.7.7M4              r.2.6      v.1.2.58

DOCK110            v.7.7M4              r.2.6      v.1.2.58

DOCK150            v.7.7M4              r.2.6      v.1.2.58


DOCK120            v.7.9M0              r.2.6      v.1.2.58

DOCK130            7.9M0                 r.2.6      v.1.2.58


DOCK160            v.8.1M0              r.3.0      v.1.2.58

DOCK171            v.8.1M0              r.3.0      v.1.2.58

DOCK177            v.8.1M0              r.3.0      v.1.2.58

DOCK180            v.8.1M0              r.3.0      v.1.2.58

DOCK190            v.8.1M0              r.3.0      v.1.2.58


Not using the above minimum software versions will provide inconsistent connection and user experience results.


Android software is available per device as applicable on the Google Play Store.

Chrome OS support is available for applicable devices per Google.

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