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Do Not Use Targus ACA41 with Lenovo X1 Tablet

After the latest Lenovo updates including BIOS 1.63 dated 2/17/2017, Targus has received reports that the Lenovo X1 Tablet host no longer working with the Targus ACA41 for USB Type-C Power Delivery.  Sometimes recovery is possible by hard reset of the X1 Tablet (via pin hole button on back and under kick-stand of X1).  Note, BIOS version 1.55 dated 8/10/2016 through version 1.62 appeared to function.

The issue is not specific to the Targus ACA41.  See have also experienced intermittent issues causing inconsistent USB functionality with the X1 Tablet. 

 Therefore, we are recommending other USB Type-C hosts, including other Lenovo branded PC, be considered for use with Targus USB Type-C Power Delivery solutions including the Targus ACA41.

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