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Which DisplayPort and HDMI Specifications Do Targus Docks Support?

The DisplayPort (DP) monitor ports of Targus universal docking stations are all DP1.2a++ compliant except for the ACP77USZ; the ACP77 is DP1.2++ (no “a”).  See for details.  

All of the docks are HDMI1.4 compliant.  The DOCK160, DOCK177, and DOCK180 are HDMI 2.0 compliant.

 The only docking station to support DisplayPort 1.2a++ Multi-Stream Transport (MST) is the DOCK410USZ.  However, Thee DocKtor has noted that late model OS X based Apple MacBooks do not appear to support MST, see and .   It is also appears that the Windows based PC implementations of MST are not always stable; please verify with the PC vendor.   Therefore it is recommended that the Targus DOCK410 dual monitor functionality be evaluated with each intended user USB Type-C platform.




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