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Targus Introduces a USB-C™ Laptop Docking Station to its Extensive Universal Docking Station Lineup


The DOCK410USZ uses DisplayPort (DP) Alternate Mode over USB Type-C to support simultaneously using any two of the following ports: one HDMI 1.4 and/or two DP 1.2a ports at up to 4K2K at 30Hz. There is also a DVI-D port supporting up to 2048×1152 for legacy connections. The DP 1.2a ports also support Multi-Stream Transport (MST) for daisy-changed monitors. 

Thunderbolt 3 (TB3) over USB Type-C contains DP so the DisplayPort Alternate Mode DOCK410USZ can be used with TB3 hosts with adequate graphics adapters.

 The DOCK410USZ supports USB Power Delivery (PD) 2.0 up to Profile 4 (60W). Now you can dock, power, and charge MacBooks with USB Type-C in addition to Windows PCs, Chromebooks, Linux PC, and theoretically Android devices with USB Type-C.

The DOCK410USZ is shown hereSee the press release here



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  1. Will this dock be updated to include a USB-C (with TB3) passthrough port? PLEASE?


    • A different dock would be released with native TB3. Why is TB3 important for you? What is the application? What TB3 device(s) are you interested in connecting? What power would you need? I can pass all your answers on to Targus’ Product Marketing for implementation consideration.



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