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I Want My MTV, er USB…Ethernet on Android!

The reason Targus Universal Docking Stations (UDS) don’t have Android Ethernet support at this time, is down to the OS. Ethernet needs to be enabled in the OS. DisplayLink has a bug open with Google on it here:

 Other USB to Ethernet (i.e. dongles) work because they come up as an “eth0” device. Targus UDS come up as a “usb0” device, so Android doesn’t think it is an Ethernet device. This needs fixing in the OS.  Thee DocKtor is hoping it would be fixed in Android N but it’s unclear if this issue is fixed or not.

 If you are an Android OEM, you could make the changes yourself and include them in your own distribution. 

 If you are a Targus UDS customer wanting to use the dock’s Ethernet port, put a request in with your Android device manufacturer.  Tell them, “I want my USB Ethernet on Android!”


(MTV does not endorse Targus and the blatant rip-off of the 80’s saying is just one more symptom of Thee DocKtor being a child of the 80s.)

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