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DisplayLink 8.0 Beta 4 for Windows Available


DisplayLink announced that their Windows 8.0 Beta 4 Release for Windows 7 onwards.

The new software is reported as DisplayLink Core Software version 8.0.422.0 in Windows at Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features. The individual devices show in the Device Manager as:

       Targus Giga Ethernet is 8.0.403.0

       Targus USB Audio is

Thee DocKtor is evaluating this beta version of the DisplayLink software for Targus Universal Docking Stations (UDS).  This is the first public (beta) release of 8.0 software and supports Windows 10 Redstone. It should be used for any testing of Windows 10 builds after Threshold 2.  NOTE: The first official release of 8.0 is planned for July 8th. DisplayLink is also planning maintenance releases during Q3 to fix any issues.

The following issues have been addressed in this beta release:

       New DisplayLink DL-6950 chip support.

       Installer improvement – keep monitors running during driver update.

       Support for Windows 10 RS1 builds.

The following issue has already been identified (not yet addressed):

       DisplayLink monitor gets lost randomly and freezes on the last frame on Windows 10 RS1

Full Release Notes are here.

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3 replies

  1. Thank you for your business lessons, you helped me a lot.


  2. Which docks does Targus offer that utilize the DL-6950, and can they be daisy chained to support more than 2 monitors?


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