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Targus Validates DisplayLink Software v.1.0.335 For Ubuntu Linux v.15.10 On All Targus Universal Docking Stations

Ubuntu Running Targus UDS

Thee DocKtor is recommending the latest release of DisplayLink software version 1.0.335 for Ubuntu Linux Desktop versions 15.10, 14.04.04, and 14.04.02.  The software is available from the Targus support sites and the Targus UDS product pages i.e. here.

Targus has validated this software on various platforms and combinations of external devices and monitors. If you have any issues or notice in degradation in system performance or quality, please let Thee DocKtor know by posting a reply to this blog.

DisplayLink Ubuntu Software Release Notes

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the .run file from the .zip file.
  2. Make the .run file executable by right clicking on the file and choose “Properties”.

    Check the “Allow executing file as a program” box.
  3. Install the DKMS framework from a Terminal using the command sudo apt-get install dkms
  4. Execute the DisplayLink .run file using the Terminal, by cding to the directory containing the .run file and running the command sudo ./ (where xxxx is the version number)
  5. The DisplayLink software should install as shown below.
  6. You can now connect and may need to reconnect your DisplayLink products to the computer.

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