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Targus Display Configuration Utility v.1.03.029 Released

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Windows does not always identify external monitors the same way every time you dock and the numbers shown on the monitors are often different to the actual layout. This is especially apparent when moving from one Universal Docking Stations (UDS) to another, however is not due to docking.  It may even happen when using multiple monitors on local PC ports, even if the monitors are from the same manufacturer, and even if they are the same model, and even if they are connected the same way.  See the associated Microsoft TechNet Forum here.

While the issue is not specific to Targus UDS, Targus has finished all preliminary engineering testing of the Targus Display Configuration Utility for Windows.  Targus Display Configuration Utility enables automatic configuration of single and/or dual external monitors, connected to Targus UDS, by applying a preconfigured display configuration set at the time of installation or deployment.

Version 1.03.029 is now ready for enterprise customers to use in their environment.  Please contact your Targus DockTor or Targus sales representative to learn more.  The new utility and its User Guide can be downloaded for free on each of the Targus UDS product pages at in example, here.

Future Releases

More irritating is that icons seem to roam and application windows do not always open to the same monitor as they were on from the last time the application was running, or the last time you were docked to a Targus UDS.  Targus is developing updates to the new Targus Display Configuration Utility to address these issues also.  Follow this blog to know when these updates are available.


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