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Network Adapters Stop Working After McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention Patch

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A large credit card company was thoroughly convinced that their Targus UDS GbE port was faulty after applying Patch 6 to Intel McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (HIP) 8 and updating their Targus UDS DisplayLink software.  Afterall, they could unplug the Ethernet cable, plug it into a local port, or use the PC WiFi and all was well.

However, as it turns out, the UDS was just showing the problems with the HIP Patch 6, not the dock.  The issue manifests with not only the GbE port on Targus UDS, but also on any Network adapter who’s driver has been updated while HIP Patch 6 is installed, including i.e. Cisco Any Connect virtual network adapters.

McAfee is re-writing the KB on the subject here, see Problem 2.  Thee DocKtor was only too glad to assist and provide a Targus ACP71 to McAfee’s Brad Grable to diagnose the issue.  (In turn, Brad supplied the attached release notes and links).

If your company is or has applied HIP Patch 6, then you must apply patch 7 and a hot-fix due out shortly at McAfee, draft release notes attached.

HIP 8 Hot Fix 1116123 Release Notes

If your company never had HIP Patch 6, then apply Patch 7 and the hot-fix is not needed.  This way, all you Network adapters, including the Targus UDS GbE port, will function correctly.

HIP 8 Patch 7 Release Notes


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