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WiGig Docking Is Not Ready For Prime-Time

Lenovo joined HP and Dell in making a WiGig docking station for their high-end WiGig model PCs.  Only problem is, like HP Advanced Wireless Docking Station and the Dell Wireless Dock, the ThinkPad WiGig Dock is only for their brand of high-end PCs, in essence it is proprietary.

Lenovo tp_wigig_dock

Lenovo ThinkPad WiGig Dock

Proprietary docking stations are not friendly to applications like hoteling, hot-desking, shared workspaces, etc.  This newest WiGig Dock does not work Lenovo’s or other brands’ current installed base of PC, let alone MacBooks, Linux PC, or Android devices.  And the few models it does work with cost a pretty penny (you must have an expensive Lenovo WiGig model PC).

Wireless Docking is for data only and not for powering or charging the PC.  With technologies like USB Type-C and Targus’ ACP71/77, PC power and charging is possible with Targus Universal Docking Stations.  This supports the modern applications of today’s BYOD/CYOD mobile workforce.

USB docking is solid.  It just works.

If you are considering a WiGig docking station, be sure to check out the facts here.

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  1. Small correction – HP/Dell/Lenovo are all using Intel’s WiGig solution and are cross-compatible as this is the same WiGig product.


    • Thanks Jack, I wasn’t aware that the protocols were now compatible. Last I knew, both Dell and HP indeed used Intel, however, HP protocol was not compatible with Dell, and considering Lenovo limits their compatibility to only a few PC models…anyway, if your sure?


  2. I paid the “pretty penny” for Lenovo’s new X1 Yoga in January and have been waiting for Lenovo to launch the WiGig dock but the only place it’s available on their website is for delivery to Australia (I don’t live there). Each time I unplug (or plug in) the 5 cords from my device when taking it from my desk, I wonder if I should wait or buy something else. Does Targus have a similar device compatible with an X1 Yoga?


    • James, Any of the Targus Universal Docking Stations will dock with, and the ACP71 and ACP77 will also power and charge, the X1 Yoga with included “X9” tip. Thee DocKtor recommends the ACP77.


      • Thanks. Just so I’m clear, even though they are “docking” stations, I’ll still need to put at least one cord into the device? All of my docking stations over the past 20 years didn’t require any additional cords to be plugged in.


      • Yes Jim, call it “cable docking” is the way of the future.


      • I thought the way of the future was to remove cords. Why would we want to add more hassle as part of our advancement?


      • Hey Jim, A single cable (i.e. a single USB) connection is the only way to connect on many of today’s host devices. i.e. a phonse, tablets, and PC like the MacBook do not have a proprietary connection for port replicators anymore. Hence cable docking (and USB) is most prevalent. Try it, you’ll like it 🙂


      • Thanks. I think I’m already trying it now, because I plug in one cord when when using my laptop stand-alone (for power). It’s not painstakingly difficult, but an extra step I would prefer to avoid (I think we all want longer laptop battery lives so we don’t need to plug things in).

        Maybe I’m old school but less is more for me and none is best (I’ve been using laptops and docking stations since the early 1990s).


      • I tend to agree Jim, but the smaller form factors just don’t have room for proprietary connections, certainly no on phones. USB Type-C may make us both happy, but it is suffering from a bit of incapability right now. I envision that eventually no wires, RF for data and EMF for charging. That day we can laugh about cable docking 😉


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