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New DOCK130 Targus Universal Docking Station


The DOCK130 is the recommended solution for maximum video resolution docking applications.  The DOCK130 has the following performance features:

  1. Works on all OS Windows, Linux, Android and OS-X with just a single USB 3.0 connection.  No need for Thunderbolt, Type-C USB, or any other less ubiquitous connection and yes it will perform in most applications with just a USB 2.0 connection!
  2. 3840×2160 @ 30 FPS (4K) on the single DisplayPort (DP) monitor port or dual 2048×1152 @ 60 FPS on any two of DP, DVI-I, or DVI-D.  The DVI-I can be used with a passive converter (not included) for VGA.
  3. One left side, three on the back, and two right side (one of which is a BC1.2 high power charging port) for a total of six USB 3.0 ports.
  4. Audio input/output port and Gigabit Ethernet port that enables faster, more reliable, and more secure connections to the LAN/WAN than most wireless technologies.
  5. K-lock port compatible with Targus locking cables and dual locks.
  6. Wedge design supports comfortable typing angle or laptops.  Non-Slip grips keep your laptop from slipping. Small compact lightweight unit takes up much less space than other horizontal designs.
  7. Cool blue LED clearly indicates when dock is connected to the USB host.
  8. Premium two-tone finish to be envied.
  9. TAA Compliant.
  10. 3-year limited warranty.  Never need another dock again.

The DOCK130 adds a path to the emerging 4K monitors in enterprise applications but also has the flexibility to support legacy DVI and even VGA monitors.

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