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Why doesn’t my Targus UDS charge the PC battery to 100%?

From time to time users of Targus Universal Docking Stations (UDS) models ACP71 and ACP77 notice that their PC are being powered but the battery is not charging and doesn’t charge to 100%.  This can be due to a few things:

  1. Many PC have smart battery circuits and utilities that do not charge the battery until it reaches a certain level of discharge, i.e. 50% or less.   This is to make the battery last longer and to be able to take a larger charge over time. Users will note the task tray icon showing “plugged in, not charging” in this case.  Microsoft has advice on how to take care or your battery here.
  2. At times it may be necessary to calibrate the PC battery power gauge.  An article for how to do this is here.  It is not uncommon for a battery to charge to “100%” one time and only about “97%” another.
  3. The ACP71 and ACP77 are made to charge the bulk of 19.5Vdc laptops, they supply about 90W continuous power.  If your PC needs more power than 90W during your application(s), then these Targus UDS may help keep the PC powered but the battery will also be used.  This applies to gamer and workstation class laptops i.e. Dell W3800.

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