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Since Targus has solutions for both DisplayPort (DP) and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) monitors, the DocKtor is often asked which he prefers.

For most enterprise applications using monitors, DP is the way to go.  DP is replacing DVI on many monitors.  HDMI is very prevalent in the consumer space (televisions and high-end/gaming graphics cards) and for projectors.  Both DP and HDMI seem to appear on most modern monitors replacing DVI-D and VGA.

HP appears to offer more DP considering!view=column&page=1&facet=HDMI shows 35 choices but!view=column&page=1&facet=DisplayPort shows 66 choices.  Samsung seems to be a little more HDMI having 26 HDMI and 10 DP at . Dell is definitely in the DP camp but their higher-end monitors also have HDMI.

HDMI can be unplugged easily, sometimes accidentally, as compared to the latching full size DP connector.  This can mean IT service tickets just to plug-in an HDMI cable.  It just comes loose much more easily than DP.

On the PC/Macbook, it seems there are many more DP/mini-DP ports showing up than HDMI/mini-HDMI/MHL.

All this leads the DocKtor to believe that companies are better off buying monitors with DP other than HDMI if given the choice.

BTW, VGA still ain’t dead.


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