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We’ve all been there before. The presentation has been on the schedule for a week, everyone is on time and ready, including the presenter.  Suddenly the call goes out, “Does anyone have an adapter?”

There’s no easier way to lose an audience than to present them with technical difficulties right off the bat.  Having a properly equipped conference room can save time, money, frustration and – depending on who’s in the meeting – credibility.

Boring Presentation --- Image by © Corbis

Boring Presentation — Image by © Corbis



 -A USB Connection Makes for a Flawless Presentation, after all what PC, MacBook, or Android Device doesn’t have USB?

If your device has a USB port, it’s ready for show time. Eliminate the need for dongles, adapters and apologies. Equip your conference rooms with a Truly Universal Docking Station – fully loaded with a wireless presenter, mouse and keyboard. All your presenter will need to do is connect the USB cable to their device.

-Universal Connectivity

You can typically control and plan for company-approved devices. What about visitors? A Truly Universal Docking Station is platform and brand-agnostic. Whether a presenter has a Mac® or PC, or even an Android Phone, your conference room will be outfitted with a docking station that can support virtually every platform.

-Presentations without Interruptions

Dynamic presentations or live demos typically require Internet access or even files hosted on company servers. USB 3.0 data transfer speeds allow for a presentation mode right from the original file without downloading. Plus, selecting Gigabit Ethernet over wireless gives presenters a faster and more secure connection. If presentations are on the longer side, select a Truly Universal Docking Station model that has integrated charging and power. All your presenter has to do is select a power tip, plug in and forget.


For a funny look at the issue, albeit with not quite the correct solution, check out the Intel video series:

If Cables Were People: IT Negotiator

If Cables Were People: Unsure Technology

If Cables Were People: Technology Tantrum


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