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A Wire Is More Secure Than Wireless LAN Connections!

When employees are plugged into any workspace, it is recommended they connect to secure wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet.

While wireless connectivity continues to make improvements in both speed and security, a wired Gigabit Ethernet connection still delivers faster download speeds and better responsiveness for Web-based applications routinely accessed by users. An Ethernet-connected device is also less prone to be compromised than a wireless connection. For the most part, today’s workforce has become comfortable with wireless connections in their personal computing lives and are unlikely to take the time to purposely switch connections while at work. Although it’s vital to maintain a secure wireless network in the workplace, security is enhanced and wireless bandwidth saved when users leverage the speed and security of a hard-wired Gigabit Ethernet connection.

If this connection is made using a Truly Universal Docking Station, one USB 3.0 cable connects to not only secure Ethernet but also multiple monitors, a mouse, full-size keyboard and more.

Targus Truly Universal Docking Stations work on both PC and Mac platforms, and feature a lock port to secure this valuable piece of hardware.

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