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Targus Universal Docking Stations for Android

Support for Android hosts is now available as an application on the Google Play Store, without rooting the device.

From compatible devices, there are two possible DisplayLink Applications on the Google Play Store:

  • DisplayLink® Presenter: Clones the Android device’s local display onto a single external monitor and supports applications that use the Android presentation interface
  • DisplayLink® Desktop: Supports multiple external monitors plugged into a Targus UDS and works with applications using that use the Android presentation interface

The applications will transform your Android 5.0 and up device to a desktop workstation by simply connecting your Android device to an existing Targus Universal Docking Station.

Now you can use Microsoft Office, Google docs or any other productivity app on a desktop monitor, with a mirrored external monitor up to 1080P HD (1920×1080) resolution, external stereo audio, and any USB device supported in the Android OS as of “Lollipop” 5.0.

Currently there is no support for the dock’s GbE port.  Also, because the Targus UDS has an audio port, the audio for applications will be routed to that port.  The only way to prevent this from happening is to invoke the “Developers Mode” and select “Prevent USB audio routing”.


  1. Android device with an ARM based processor (most Android devices are) running “Lollipop” 5.0 or later and USB host mode enabled.
  2. A USB OTG Cable to connect the Targus Universal Docking Station (USB Type A) to the Android host device.
  3. A Targus Universal Docking Station, and model

USB OTG to Dock

That’s it!  As of today, Targus has tested several Android phone and tablet devices running Lollipop through Nougat using using this and this USB OTG Cable adaptor. Let us know what you version of the OS you use with your Targus Universal Docking Station.

Galaxy Tab A 9.7



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  1. Thanks for the post. I just got the new Samsung Dex for my S8 and at work they us the Targus Universal docks. Once I Installed the DisplayLink Desktop, the Dex OS fired off and I can now use the display, keyboard and mouse.



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