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Targus’ Universal Docking Stations (TUDS) vs. Others

Criteria Targus Proprietary Lenovo Dell HP Belkin Other Universal
Value Best Good Better Best Better Better Better
Warrenty Best Good Good Good Good Good Good
Functionality Best Best Good Better Good Better Better
Performance Best Better Better Best Better Better Good
Compatibility Best Good Better Better Better Better Good
Options Best Good Good Better Good Good Good
Support Best Better Better Better Better Better Good

Under The Desk




Value: Targus Wins

While the price of a TUDS may initially appear to be more than a proprietary dock, the fact that vendor lock is escaped with a TUDS enables negotiating PC/Macbook price savings.  Also the TUDS is reusable with any Windows PC or OS-X Macbook while the propreitary dock works with only one PC brand, and sometimes only one model in that brand (only one device refresh).  TUDS is the last dock you ever have to buy.  And when there is only one dock to support, there is less user training required and less IT support needed.

Functionality: Targus Wins

TUDS work with any Windows PC or OSX Macbook and offer the features in its various models to cover more applications and usage cases than any other one vendor.  The ACP71/77 also have the patent pending PC power and charging feature that no other universal dock can offer.

Performance: Targus Wins

TUDS connected at USB3.0 render up to two 2560×1600 videos at 60FPS, nobody else can.  Also, the TUDS GbE port works at “wire speed”, many other solutions just don’t,  i.e. Thunderbolt docks.

Compatibility: Targus Wins

TUDS plugs in via a cable and takes up zero deskspace.  Other connection methods snap-in/on/hug/slide but all f them limit mechancial fuctionality of the docking device, i.e.

Options: Targus Wins

Targus has a wide portfolio of TUDS and accessories for them.

Support: Targus Wins

Targus is dock focussed and vendor agnostic.   WW DocKtor support available on-site for enterprise customers. i.e. .

Warranty: Targus Wins

Targus is the only brand offering a 3 year warranty, a reflection of TUDS high quality reliable product.

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