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Spare Parts & Accessories for Targus Universal Docking Stations

Occasionally things get lost, little things like charging tips, cables and adaptors, big things like power supply units, wallets, keys, girlfriends, etc.  Anyway, the following are a list of spare parts for Targus Universal Docking Stations.  Contact your Targus supplier if you need any of them.

ACC985USX  3m USB3 Active Extension Cable                           59.99          

ACC986USX  1m ACP71/77 DC Power Cable (3pin/2pin)         19.99           0019129_1-meter-acp7177-dc-power-cable-3pin2pin_180

ACC987USX  1m USB3.0 A to B Cable                                          14.99         0019531_1-meter-usb-30-a-to-b-cable

ACX100USZ  120W AC PSU with cord for ACP71/77 (3-pin)    99.99          0018740_120w-ac-adapter-for-acp7177-3-pin

ACX101USZ   32W AC PSU with cord for ACP70 (4-pin notch) 49.99            0018743_325w-ac-adapter-for-acp70-4-pin-notched

ACX120USX  DVI-I (male) to VGA (female) Adapter                7.99               0018122_dvi-i-m-to-vga-f-adapter

ACX121USX  HDMI to DVI-D (female) Adapter                         12.99               acx121

ACC1005USX  1.8m USB-A Male to micro USB-B Male  9.99              

ACC1004  1m USB 3.0 A to Micro B Cable

ACC9830BT  1m USB 3.0 A to Micro B Cable in White                14.99               0028175_usb-30-micro-type-b-cable-1m_130

ACC973USZ 1.8m HDMI (M) to DVI-D (M) Cable             14.99

ACC972USZ 1.8m USB SuperSpeed A to B Cable              14.99

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