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Need Longer ACP71/ACP77 Cables?

BUS0372 ($39.99 SRP) is the bundle number that includes that following cables:

ACC972USZ – 6ft USB 3.0 A to B Cable

ACC973USZ – 6ft HDMI(M) to DVI(M) Cable

ACC974USZ – 6ft ACP71 3-Pin/2-Pin DC Power Cable


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2 replies

  1. I have ACPI71USZ Item 52 but have 4 pin on the back. AC adapter (4Pin) is plenty long, but where can I get the 4 Pin 6ft ACP71 style cable? Or does it work with just 2 of the 4 pins, so the ACC974USZ cable should work? How can I tell?


    • Hi Dan, While Targus does have a six foot option for the newer three-conductor ACP71 power cable, the ACC974USZ, there is not one available for the older four-pin unit. If possible, consider a grounded extension cord from the wall outlet to the PSU cord.


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