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Free WiFi AutoSwitch Utility from Targus


Targus offers a WiFi Autoswitch Utility for use with each Universal Docking Station at corporate customers.  Many PC OEM provide such a utility as part of their “bloatware” however it is usually deleted by IT (not part of the company PC image).

The utility turns off the WiFi when the Targus Universal Dock’s Ethernet connection is being used.  When the dock is disconnected, it turns the WiFi network adapter back on.  This is great for saving IP addresses (and bandwidth) on the corporate LAN, albeit wireless or wired.  Also, Targus’ GbE port typically runs at up to 920Mbps or about 10 times faster than most WiFi.  This also improves security by offering less ports for hackers to enter into the corporate LAN.

Targus provides a key for use with every dock an enterprise has.  Contact your Targus representative for yours.

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8 replies

  1. Can’t find a download link anyware.
    Can you please provide one?


  2. Sure, we’ve got more then one. (4000+)
    I contacted my Dell supplier but they didnt know anything about this tool.

    My contact:
    Technical Account Manager
    EMEA TAM Services – Benelux
    Dell | Global Support & Deployment
    Dell bv. Transformatorweg 38-72, 1014 AK Amsterdam


  3. We bought 12 of these from CDW. We do not have a business account with Targus. We stopped using these exactly because of the Wi-Fi issues. Will CDW be able to provide a download for these?

    Why make it for all users, puzzles me as this would be nice form home users as well.


    • Its more difficult to support 1000 individuals than an IT department with 1000 users. That being said, the WiFi AutoSwitch is available one-for-one with Targus Universal Docking Station purchases. Go on the product page for your dock(s) at and scroll down to just about the bottom to begin the process of registering for the software. That is, a business account with CDW is not needed.


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