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…It’s Got A Kick-Stand

With the possible exception of the singing in “Surface Pro 3 Winter Wonderland,” the latest Surface Pro 3 vs. Macbook Air TV commercials are entertaining.  Check out Nat King Cole singing it to hear the best version of Winter Wonderland.  It appears Microsoft has put themselves in front of Apple. Problem is their docking solution is clunky at best.


Surface Pro 3 Kick-Stand Angles (Side View)

The SP3 proprietary docking station hugs the SP3 like a weird uncle. It eliminates the use of the kickstand. The Kick-Stand is a major feature of the SP3, at least according to the previously mentioned commercials. So if you are taller than the angle the SP3 dock presents you, you get a sore neck from cowing down to the SP3 docked. If you are shorter, then your neck hurts from looking up to its angle. Ouch!

SP3 Docked

Surface Pro 3 Awkwardly Docked

To eliminate a sore neck, use a Targus Universal Docking Station. It uses a USB cable connection for docking. This is much more adaptable, and enables building out a powerful workstation with the SP3 tablet.

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