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The DocKtor has been asked for ways to prevent the Targus ACP71 and ACP77 power tips from “walking away” or otherwise getting lost.

The Targus Universal Docking Stations come with a lock slot, and Targus does supply locks for using it. Targus even has dual head locks for those applications where the dock and the PC are better off locked in a more permanent workstation setup. It should be pointed out that the power tips are pretty much useless outside of using them with the Targus ACP71 and ACP77; remind users to leave them behind along with the dock.

Targus also supplies spare and replacement power tips, as well as new tips that may have not been in the original tip set shipped as part of a particular Item Number ACP71 or ACP77. Targus keeps up with the PC industry by consulting with the various hardware vendors, including OEM and ODM, so that the tips set is kept current.  Targus changes the tip set in the ACP71 and ACP77 to line-up with the most popular selling PC models.  The Item Number (dash number) of the dock changes to indicate a new set.  Please contact your favorite Targus source for more information.

If you have a solution to wandering power tips, or other solution for physical security of any IT equipment, please post it here.

Click on Power Tip Tips for more information.

Click on Surface Pro Power Tip for more information.

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