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Surface Pro Power Tip For ACP71/ACP77

Lately I have been asked if there is a power and charging tip for the ACP71 or ACP77 to use with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  The short answer is, “No.”

The issue for power and charging the Surface Pro 3, or other Surface for that matter, is not one of mechanical compatibility, a charging tip circuit, or the power (Watts).  These new tablets are powered by a 5VDC and 12VDC PSU (aka “brick”).  Both of these voltages are supplied through the Microsoft magnetic power tip.  The Targus ACP71 and ACP77 both output a single 19VDC.  This voltage is very popular for input to the current generation of PC, ultra-books, 2-in-1s, etc., but more an more tablets are going to a lower supply voltage.  To be used with the Surface(s), the ACP71/77 voltage with have to be converted to the compatible Surface supplies, but to date Targus does not have a solution.

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  1. im unsure if you are correct as its likely the 5v is just for the usb connection used to power phones or other accessories and all thats required is a 19v tip


    • Thanks Max, but for the SP3 power tip, it is necessary to supply at least the 12VDC and for other reasons, possibly the 5VDC. So, Targus will have to create a voltage step down from the 19VDC AND supply a mechanically compatible tip. Note, the ACP71 and ACP77 are 19.5VDC out. This is also the reason the ACP71 and ACP77 cannot power/charge the 15VDC Panasonic Toughbooks.


  2. Can you confirm if the docks can still be used for the surface pro 3, you just have to use the supplied power cable from microsoft? issue with a supplier who is saying that the USB connecter that would be used to connect the tablet to the dock to allow connection to the monitor would provide too much power back through the USB port?



  1. Disappearing Power Tips | Targus Blog

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