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Not Since Eve Did Biting the Apple Cost So Much

“Eat an apple a day to keep the Doctor away.” Indeed, but when it comes to client side computers, it is not financially healthy to keep the DocKtor away!

The DocKtor recently had the pleasure to visit a large social media company that is about 80% Mac. To develop software and applications, diagnose and troubleshoot bugs, and generally do what web companies do, they figured out that multiple monitors make things much easier and tons more efficient. However, to connect a couple of Apple Thunderbolt displays at $999 each is costly. This company realized similar non-Thunderbolt monitors cost much less, for instance the Dell U2713 at $679.99. However, they didn’t know how to connect these monitors to their Macbooks, and this is where the DocKtor came in.

By docking their Macbooks to the new Targus ACP77 at $279.99 they can use two inexpensive monitors to save over $358 per workstation!


The Targus ACP77 is a Dual 2K Universal Docking Station, that is, it works with their Windows PC and not only Macbooks. Also, the ACP77 also comes with a wire-speed GbE port, 6-channel (5.1) audio, and can drive monitors up to 2560×1600 at 60 Hz on each Thunderbolt compatible DisplayPort. It can also power and charge USB devices, like say…an iPhone 🙂

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