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Was the release of “Mavericks” any better than the release of Windows 8.1 Preview? Not for the DocKtor!

The DocKtor was content with the functionality and performance of his Targus docks with OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.5, but like most thought a free upgrade to Mavericks 10.9 could only improve the experience. Boy was the DocKtor wrong, see .

With all due respect to the “Apple Biters” (the DocKtor also has a few MacBooks) and not to harp on the valuation of AAPL, but come on Apple, open up a little, admit the mistakes, and let the developers fix them, even if they are third parties.

If you are a developer with the ability to get Apple’s ear, maybe you have the pre-release OSX 10.9.2, please let Apple know that while you like their “Thunderbolt” monitors, you still want to use your Universal Port Replicating USB3.0 Docks. Ask them to work with DisplayLink to fix the known issues at least.



Real apple picture used in lieu of popular logo so the DocKtor doesn’t get sued and lose Mrs. DocKtor in the process.


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