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Did You Know – Targus WiFi AutoSwitch Utility

Hey Kids, DocKtor here.  Targus has an unknown “extra” they provide with their docks – “The Targus WiFi AutoSwitch Utility.”

It runs as a Windows service that will automatically disable all wireless cards and/or modems when you are connected to a LAN (hard wire) connection, and re-enable the wireless cards and/or modems when there is no LAN connection. This ensures that you are always using the fastest connection for network traffic.

In the office this helps reduce redundant network connections, enabling more bandwidth for the users who need it wirelessly, for instance, by seamlessly transferring users from wired to wireless network connections automatically.

For offices that are wireless security conscious this application makes sure the laptop’s wireless card is off when the user is wired into your network too.


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  1. Is there any documentation? I am particularly interested in what the different switches I saw during installation are for and the settings.


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